Write a short note on indirect or representative democracy united

OccupyTheory on 13 May, at These representatives are the ones who act on behalf of the people. In regular elections, voters will select the individuals who would represent them. Representative or indirect democracy can be the best type of government so as to protect human rights and provide people a voice inside the government.

Write a short note on indirect or representative democracy united

Write a short note on democracy Shona Khurana Advertisements: Many countries have democratic governments now. Democracy means government by the people. They do this by electing their representatives to the government.

All adult citizens of a country have the right to vote in a democracy. This vote is extremely important because it determines the kind of government that comes in power.

Name a few countries in the world which have a democratic form of government. The role of the citizens becomes extremely important in a democracy. They have to be aware of their rights and know what they should expect from their elected representatives.

The citizens should be aware of the problems of their region as well as of the whole country. Only then can they understand whether the government is taking the right steps for their welfare or not.

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For this reason it is important to acquire knowledge about current events and policy making through newspapers, radio and television as well as public meetings. Democracy also means that all citizens are free to express their opinion in public. They can freely criticize the government, if they feel that it is not discharging its duties properly.

They can even oppose its policies, but peacefully, without resorting to violence or breaking the laws. The government on the other hand is expected to give due consideration to the views of the people speaking out against it. It cannot take steps to prevent them because that would be undemocratic.A direct democracy is usually contrasted with a representative democracy.

write a short note on indirect or representative democracy united

In a representative democracy, the general public votes for representatives, who then make laws on its behalf. Simply put, a representative democracy is a system of government in which all eligible citizens vote on representatives to pass laws for them.

Write a short note on democracy

A perfect example is the U.S., where we elect a president and members of the Congress. Is America a Successful Democracy: A Critical Inquiry by Meagan C. McGowan Overview. This unit is intended to introduce students to the concept of American democracy and the United States Constitution.

The original audience for the unit is high school aged United States History students. Direct or Representative Democracy? Direct Democracy Devices: A Computer-Simulation Analysis Marcia Lynn Whicker, Department of Government and International Studies, University of South Carolina This paper places direct democracy devices in a long tradition of efforts to expand citizen participation.

Mar 19,  · Today, most democracies are indirect or representative which means that you can’t vote for a new law yourself, but you can vote for people . Direct democracy is where citizens themselves vote for or against specific proposals or laws.

write a short note on indirect or representative democracy united

Some city states in Ancient Greece had this system. With the large populations in modern countries it is possible only occasionally to do this.

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