Trifles reflection

Thrown into these appeals is the standard request to pay your tithes and offerings. Let me say from the very beginning that there is a distinct difference between giving to God and giving to "the church". Giving to God is a scriptural concept Matt When was "the tithe" first mentioned?

Trifles reflection

Themes Themes and Colors Key LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Trifles, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

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Social Oppression of Women Gender Allegiance vs. The kitchen is in disarray with unwashed dishes, a loaf of uncooked bread, and a dirty towel on the table. The county attorney George Henderson arrives at the house accompanied by the local sheriff Henry Peters and the neighboring farmer Lewis Hale.

The wives of two of the men, Mrs. Hale, both of whom appear disturbed and fearful, follow the men inside. Trifles reflection play establishes its themes in its Trifles reflection moments. The play examines the relationships between husbands and wives, particularly a marriage that ended in murder.

The setting, a messy kitchen, reflects this. The women stand together, highlighting both the way they have been pushed together by their male-dominated society but also, possibly, their loyalty to each other over their husbands, a topic explored in the play. Active Themes The sheriff asks Lewis Hale to describe the scene he discovered at the farmhouse the previous day.

Peters reassures the attorney that nothing has been moved in the house since he saw it last, despite having sent one of his men ahead to prepare a fire. Peters knew George Henderson would arrive the next day for them to go over the house for evidence. The men are concerned with the business of finding evidence, and George Henderson is established as the man in charge in the investigation.

His testimony will not be questioned.

Trifles reflection

He had been hoping to convince John Wright to invest in a party line telephone with him, and thought maybe it would help to ask him in front of his wife, though he acknowledges that John paid little attention to what his wife wanted.

Hale arrived at the house and found Minnie Wright sitting there in her rocking chair. He describes her as looking out of sorts. Hale asked what he died of, Minnie said that he died of a rope around his neck.

The irony of the request that brought Mr. Minnie Wright was starved for company, for the voice of any other living thing.

Trifles reflection

Hale hoped to install a telephone, an object that could keep her in touch with others and combat loneliness. But he was too late, an example of situational irony. The way that John was murdered—strangled by a rope—becomes critical later in the play as the characters search for a motive for murder.

His first instinct, he says, was to remove the rope, but his companion cautioned him to not touch anything and to preserve any evidence.

Before leaving, he questioned Minnie Wright about who killed her husband. The county attorney asks what Minnie did when Mr. Hale sent for the coroner to question her and Mr. Hale says she stayed quiet. Her laughter and her fearful look are also treated as suspicious behavior.

The men make various assumptions about women throughout this play. One assumption is that Minnie is guilty and they try to prove this, rather than try to understand her situation and her emotions.Creativity reflection essay Creativity reflection essay.

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(16) Righteous over? muchThe caution is against morbid scrupulosity and over-rigorism. We may illustrate by the case of the Jews, who refused to defend themselves against their enemies on the Sabbath day.

The next verse is a necessary corrective to this: "Yet be cautious how thou disregardest. May 02,  · Reflection on the story "Trifles" The story Trifles is simply marvelous, I personally loved it.

I found the story very interesting, and even more the title and the relation it holds with the text. Trifles, by meaning, is something minuscule and insignificant.

The story uses just that to make a BIG difference. Trifles Questions and Answers. The Question and Answer section for Trifles is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Recipe for crockpot barley and bean tacos. With barley, beans and plenty of veggies. Topped with an avocado chipotle cream, feta and lots of cilantro.

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