Theatre business plan

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Theatre business plan

If you enjoy watching movies, opening a movie theater can provide you with an opportunity to profit from the major blockbusters that Hollywood produces. Opening a movie theater is a big venture that requires a great deal of planning.

Before you get involved with this type of project, make sure that you understand the steps involved. Conduct a feasibility study on your area.

A feasibility study will help you determine if your area can support a new theater. If you live in a large city, it will help you determine if your business will overlap with other theaters in the area.

If you live in a smaller town, it will help you figure out if a theater would work in your city. Create a business plan for your business. This theatre business plan include information from the feasibility study that shows that your business can be profitable. Include financial projections in your business plan.

Secure funding for your theater business. You will typically need to show the business plan to investors or a commercial lender so that you can obtain financial support.

Find a location for your theater. In some cases, you can buy or lease an existing space and renovate it. Or you may need to build a new theater. Regardless of what type of space you use for your theater, it will typically take a large investment.

Get a business license from your city.


You will also need to register your business name with the local county clerk. Agree to a deal with a movie distributor. To gain access to the movies that you will show in your theater, you will have to lease them from a movie distributor.

You can choose whether you want to show first-run or second-run movies at your theater.

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The new releases cost considerably more than those that have been out for some time. Set up concessions in your theater. This will include purchasing a soda fountain, a popcorn machine, candy and other items that you can sell in the theater.

Promote your theater in the community. You may want to have a grand opening so that you can showcase the facilities and generate interest in your movie theater.

Consider offering an introductory special, such as a two-for-one ticket deal. Tip While it may be more expensive, getting the latest equipment available for your theater can help attract customers. For example, offering 3D movies and the best sound system available can make the movie experience more enjoyable.

Warning Starting a theater can be a very expensive proposition.

theatre business plan

With the high costs of leasing new movies, you have to bring in a large number of customers before you can be profitable.Scope of the Business Plan In , The Board of Supervisors of Sierra County, California, was awarded a grant of up to $, from the California Department of Parks and Recreation to acquire the historic Yuba Theatre and some adjoining vacant land parcels in central Downieville.


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The Business Plan & Budget focused on roads and amendments to the City’s proposed capital and operating budget (below), City Council approved a % tax increase on January 29, The increase includes a % residential tax increase for City services and a 1% increase to replace and renew more of Barrie’s roads, bridges, pipes and buildings through the.

Plan Your Visit. Whether this is your first visit to The 5 th Avenue Theatre or your 50th, we want to ensure that you enjoy every moment. If you have any questions about the theater accommodations or services, please call or e-mail [email protected]

Arrival Time. How to Start Your Own Cinema for Under $15, If your theater is close to another business or residence, to maintain good relations with your neighbors, you’ll want to dampen the sound of the movie.

A Business Plan. Any business needs a business plan. Fundamentally, a business plan is an outline for making more money than you spend. Falls River Theatre movie theater business plan executive summary. Falls River Theatre is a start-up movie house in a remodelled historic building located in downtown Falls River, Wisconsin.

"Act well your part, for there all the honor lies." Welcome to Klein Forest Theatre.

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