The steps to going to college

Search Staying Safe on Campus College campuses can give you a sense of security—a feeling that everyone knows each other and watches out for one another. There are perpetrators who take advantage of this feeling of safety and security to commit acts of sexual violence. We can all take steps to increase safety on college campuses. As bystandersstudents can learn ways of stepping in to prevent crimes like sexual assault from occurring.

The steps to going to college

Going Back to College: Going back to college as an adult can be a daunting sometimes even scarybut very worthwhile experience. We all know that there are many talented and accomplished individuals who never went to college or for some reason or another were not able to complete their degree. For many, earning that "piece of paper" can make a significant difference in their professional or personal life the achievement of a lifelong dream - but the idea of returning to school after a long absence can present quite a challenge.

Often adults who are returning to school after years of not being in a classroom are apprehensive about not fitting in for example, being thrust into a classroom with 18 to 25 year oldstaking good notes, studying, and doing well on tests.

The admissions and financial aid process can be a confusing and frustrating experience. Browse articles on returning to school and frequently asked questions in the admissions area. Locate online courses or traditional or online degree programsfind out how to get credit for life experience, or get help deciding on a major.

Confused about whether you qualify for financial aid? Learn how to apply and locate scholarships. You can also brush up on forgotten study skills and read motivational feature articles and special reports about other adults who are successfully returning to school, as well as browse a bookshelf of bestselling books and guides for the returning adult learner.

Other resources include opportunities for regional and national internships ; how to buy and sell textbooks; get help with academic research and cool tools including bibliographies with document delivery; dissertations; online journals; and special libraries.

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An index of information can be found on the site map or you can conduct a site search. You are not alone - millions of adults have done it before you.

Take that first step. You will be glad you did! Here are Some Guidelines for Getting Started: Define Your Educational Goals.

Going Back to College: Getting Started

Before you can determine a career path and then select the right school, you need a personal assessment to help you clarify your interests and define your educational goals.

Why do you want to go back to school? Is your goal to change careers, grow professionally, or finish a degree program started years ago? By focusing on your motivation, you can best define educational goals.

Personality and career counseling tests are available to help pinpoint interests and help you decide on a career path. If expert advice is necessary, there are many career centers which will provide assistance for a fee.

Community colleges often offer these tests free or at a low cost, but may limit these services to current students. Some of these tests are available online, and may provide professional evaluation.

Are you going to college for the first time or re-entering after an absence?

The steps to going to college

Determine how many prior college credits you have, including non-credit courses and any life or work experience skills. Personal Assessment Tools The Occupational Outlook Handbook helps you find career and educational and training requirements by occupation, and provides indepth information on the chosen field as well as earnings information.Estimate your education costs, understand the different options to pay for them, and become more financially ready for college.

Sexual violence can happen to anyone, and it’s not the only crime that can occur on a college campus. We can all take steps to increase safety on college campuses. Nov 30,  · How to Apply to College. is also important to be certain about your choice and not just apply "for the heck of it" or because everyone else is going to that college.


It needs to suit you and what you want. 4. What are the steps after you fill out the online application? Answer this question Flag as 84%(19). Professor leaves lasting legacy to college radio station. Mark "Doc" Heistad was beloved by all of the Morningside College students that he had taught and mentored .

Introduction. So, you’ve been told it’s time to start thinking about college. But where do you start? Google?

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U.S. News & World Report? Well those are good places, but the best place to start is with you.. Before you can find the college that fits you best, you need to take some time to get to know yourself.

The steps to going to college

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Applying to College: A Step by Step Guide to the Application