Scholastic art and writing awards 2015 winners of pat

A lot has stayed the same, but some things have changed this year. Every artist and writer has a unique vision—and we want to see the world through your eyes. Before submitting, make sure your submission is an original work. Your submission should represent YOU.

Scholastic art and writing awards 2015 winners of pat

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Well, okay, the stardom part was their own doing, but it did launch them. Recently, I was honored to be a juror for both writing and art submissions for the competitionan amazing and daunting experience.

Top winners from each region go on to the national jury in New York. Today, more than ninety years later, the annual competition has grown to twenty-eight categories of art and writing submitted by 70, students in grades 7 to 12 nationwide and hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and awards granted.

It is an amazing affirmation of many talented young people. Hence the enormous number of talented teens who can take part. My judging for the writing submissions was done on line, so I was able to complete my portion of that process at home and had approximately a month mid December — January 20 in which to read and rate works.

We were each given a rubric to follow which had three categories: The range of content and the skill of these young writers was often amazing. I only remember one entry in the humor category, which I wonder might be a reflection of our times?

scholastic art and writing awards 2015 winners of pat

Rating these writings was difficult in part because they were of many genres and also due to my sense of deep responsibility.

There were two other categories of choice: One story was so tightly and perfectly written, yet seemed so familiar—as though I had read it before, that I felt it should be checked for any sign of imitation.

If it was found to be original, then I wanted it to be submitted for the American Voices award. I tried looking up segments of the story online, but could not find a match. Fortunately, the award program has sophisticated software to search for such a problem, though the juror does not know the end result.

The sense that I had read it before was persistent, however. As a graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in BostonI also was asked to spend two days in January at the Museum School along with dozens of other art professionals, as part of the three days of judging, divided into groups based on genres.

Things went well enough that most of us did not need to come for our second day. The others on my team were the director of an art museum, director of a history museum, a high school art teacher, and I am a sculptor and author.

We were shown slides of sculptures by high school or high school age homeschool students. A student proctor calculated as we went. We looked through slides of all five hundred sculptures choosing the Honorable Mention works first. Then a second run-through for the Silver Keys, and a final most difficult scan for the Gold Keys.

We also nominated one artwork for the top award.

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There were media and styles ranging from art made from books, to pottery, soapstone, mixed media and found objects, even sculptures made of plastic wrap. One of my teammates had participated the previous day, going through 1, paintings with her team. Her comment was that the sculptures were more difficult to rate.

Three dimensions versus two does add complexity, but true creativity and skill can be found in any media.Richard’s generous gift is an acknowledgement of Pat’s devotion to The Carle, to picture book art, and to the enduring power of art education.” The Patricia Morrison McDonald Arts Endowment will help underwrite the wide range of .

Winners in the West-Central Michigan Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards at KCAD. “There are so many talented young people in Michigan, and it’s important for them to be recognized. More recently, Stephen King, Richard Linklater, Zac Posen, and Lena Dunham received Scholastic Art & Writing Awards when they were teens.

From an initial pool of nearly , submissions, 2, works of art and writing earned a National Medal. Feb 05,  · Those students and their work will participate in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, a national competition, in New York. One of those five candidates will be named the Massachusetts winner.

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Name Award Category Title of Work Elana Alevy Gold Key Poetry Depths of Space Lisle Allen Honorable Mention Drawing and . Scholastic Art and Writing Award Winners Gold Key Awards.

scholastic art and writing awards 2015 winners of pat

Listing is sorted by School. Alia Baig A New Life. Science Fiction/Fantasy: Birchwood School. Honorable Mention Recipients. Christine Bashour. Syria and ISIS: International Involvement. Critical Essay.

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