Privatision of education in india

May 10, October 18,

Privatision of education in india

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Privatision of education in india

Express your positive attitude towards providing the solution. Sep 5, I think privatization of higher education should be done so that quality of education may be improved. Aug 15, Most of the higher education institutes in the country are already owned by private individuals.

There are very few higher education institutes owned by government. These private institutes charge huge amount of fees and only a few of them justify with the amount charged by providing quality education whereas in government institutes fess is low and there are limited number of seats.

Also, admissions in government institutes take place on merit basis but this is not so in private institutes. So, privatization of higher education to a certain extent is okay but if it is completely privatized then most of the students won't be able to pursue it because of high fees.

May 9, According to me, due to the privatization of higher education, systematic teaching, discipline, regularity and quality education can be achieved compared to government sector at the same time to obtain above all advantages we have to pay for it.

Today private education becomes a business. From these activities, they reduce their fame. And these sector mixing business, politics with education this affects greatly on educational life of middle-class and below poverty line students.

Apr 3, Hello friends, According to my opinion, privatisation should be there in India to improve the literacy of increasing Indian population; but there should be a limit of no of privatised colleges to maintain Privatision of education in india quality of education.

Privatision of education in india, by this way quality education will reach to every area of the country and the power of government also get saved as colleges will get privatised.

Mar 19, Hello friends. In my opinion, the idea that privatization of higher education in India is not a good idea at all.

Privatision of education in india

Firstly, privatization of education simply means that government having less control over the higher education sector and letting the private organization work with autonomy.

Although the quality of education can be more refined however it limits the check on these organizations whose primary aim is business that comes at the cost of high-end fees, commercialization of education and even misuse of power.

And I would like to bring to your attention the quote that says power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Hence I feel there are chances of misuse of the power given to them which may give rise to corruption and as well as lacking morality among the youths as business is the prime concern.

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Secondly, I feel that concept of privatization of higher education is completely against the constitution of India that on one hand promise to give everyone equal opportunities and the other no discrimination. Because the scenario in private is the one handful of money has only better access to education and somehow it does give an idea that a son of a farmer cannot dream high or rather stay a farmer only the one with affluent family and more connections can carve out there path in fields higher studies.

It is like India depriving itself of people like Kalam, Ambedkar. I don't know how many of you are familiar with Mahabharat but nearly everyone has heard the story of eklavya who being from a tribal background wasn't considered good enough to be taught by a great sage.

However, he didn't alienate from his path but the youths today might just put there energy or skill or talent into something destructive if they are denied such things. Then we might have more of Isis terrorists. Hence we need no more left out eklavyas.

Therefore I believe the state or central institutes for higher education should flourish it gives a platform to students from varied background to compete and improve their skills and provided with the equal resources thus paves the way for not just healthy competition but also healthy India, where the power rest not with the privileged one but the deserving ones.

I know that the governance of the country in maintaining such institutes isn't efficient but privatization of higher education is also not the solution it might help I short term but in long term, it may lead to increasing rich-poor gap and materialism.

Henceforth with the above points, I would like to rest my opinion. Mar 9, India being a developing country certainly have some rugged edges and the education system is certainly one of them. Firstly, the government institutions are very less in number and do not have enough seats to take in most of the applicants.

The private institutions see this as a chance to recruit the remaining students. Although they may be costly in terms of fees the students comply with it since they are the last resort.


With a large number of students resorting to private institutions for higher studies the private sector obviously is on the way of taking over the section of higher studies.

Keeping facilities and fees in mind, along with better job placements in certain cases, the government sector is still ahead but that would be because of government funding which if provided to private institutions should be able to bring down their massive fee structure.

Also, we need to keep in mind that one of the main reasons behind the high fee structure of private institutions is because they do not get government funding and subsidies, unlike the public institutions.

So in conclusion, I would like to say that in order for the higher education of students to improve the best way would be for the public and private sector to work together since then they would be able to take in more students and also obtain fundings from the government making their facilities less costly.

Feb 8, Privatisation of higher education should be there because in our India there is no proper education in government schools and we have to reduce fee structure in private colleges because there is many middle and poor families are there in our country and provide scholarships to all students and no caste reservations.

Sep 29, Privatization of higher education is a bane because first of all education is a task which should consider all around development of alumni whereas private owned educational institutes concern up on high standards more than moral, ethical, and emotional values.

In the real world, there is a greater need for the ethically concerned ones in order to make our selves comfort.May 09,  · But the answer to this malaise is surely not the privatisation of professional education, but to expect that these youth in question serve in India, if not in the public sector itself, for a brief Author: Pulapre Balakrishnan.

However, it is prudent to appreciate that India`s human resource needs to be cultivated through a sound education system that aims to flash out the rut of mediocrity. Related posts: Privatision .

Metzger mentions an expansion of privatization that includes health and welfare programs, public education, and prisons.

Privatization of Higher Education - Group Discussion

History. Preth century. The history of privatization dates from In India, a survey by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

Privatization may mean the government sells state-owned businesses to private interests, but it may also be discussed in the context of the privatization of services or government functions, where private entities are tasked with the implementation of government programs or performance of government services.

Privatision of Education in India. In a modern society, education is a very important sector. Education, at the individual level helps in the process of socialisation.

At the level of society, it ensures that the traditional wisdom passes from one generation to the others and the new and modern knowledge is imbibed by the present generation. Privatization in higher education leads as leadership: Now a days there is more value of privatization.

There are some view points which helps to show the leadership in higher education because of privatization in India: Affordability for middle class: With private unaided education providing nearly half of the higher education in the state.

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