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Oiss msu essay

Post-program follow-up Financial Reconciliation Within 30 days of your return, your reconciled travel voucher must be submitted to the MSU Travel Office. Contact the Education Abroad Business Office within five days of your return to schedule an appointment to reconcile your advance.

Prior to your appointment, you must complete the expense worksheet and email it to the person in the business office with whom you will meet. You must account with the required receipts for the entire amount of the advance.

Should there be funds unaccounted for, you will be asked to write a check for the difference to the university. If allowable program expenses were higher than the amount advanced, you will receive a check for the difference.

Failure to clear a Travel Advance within 30 days of return can result in the amount of the advance being deducted from your paycheck and you may not be allowed to receive any future travel advances.

If you anticipate that you will be turning in your travel reconciliation later than within 30 days of return, you must consult with the Education Abroad Business Office.

Summary of required receipts For audit purposes, the following receipts are required in order to account for money advanced to you for your personal travel, lodging, and program-related activities.

Oiss msu essay

Airline passenger receipt, boarding passes and paid invoice, showing times of arrival and departure Rail receipts Any other transportation receipts, including travel to and from East Lansing except by personal car.

If you are flying out of Detroit, you will be expected to use the Michigan Flyer for transportation. Due to the cost, this is preferred over personal car or limo service. Original lodging receipts Program Activities Funds - If you received Program Activities funds as a part of your travel advance, you must account for the expenses with actual receipts.

This includes speaker fees, honoraria, group transportation, entrance fees, meals, housing, etc.

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Receipts for group dinners must be itemized and list the number of students and names and affiliations of guests.

You must provide verification, ideally by way of itemized receipts, that no Education Abroad funds were used to purchase alcohol. Additionally, if you disburse cash to students, create one sheet indicating the amount, date, and purpose of the payment, and ask each student to sign it, indicating they received those funds.

If Education Abroad pre-paid for services you did not receive e. Course Completion Grades are submitted electronically, as they are for on-campus courses.

Oiss msu essay

They will be due 72 hours after the end date you indicated when you ordered your study abroad course sections. Once the grades are submitted through the department, they will be reflected on the students' records.

Program Report The information you provide is important not only in terms of maintaining and improving program quality, but also for helping to inform and prepare colleagues who are now, or will be, involved in your program.

Your report is due within 60 days after the end of your program so that your insights, suggestions and comments can influence the planning for the following year's program. For each of the listed topics, please describe: Assessment of on-site logistics and support: Health and safety issues: What, if any, preventive safety measures do you recommend?

Were there any health-related incidents such as accidents, serious illnesses, or mental health issues? Were any crimes committed against program directors or students? Were health care facilities satisfactory? What, if any, steps need to be taken to make program sites safer?Lower Left Back Pain And Abdominal Bloating Chemical Digestive System Mechanical Breakdown.

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Please be flexible, tolerant and patient to understand. MSU team wins slalom event with fastest time of seconds during American Solar Challenge Solar Car Team Competes for First Time in MSU History MSU solar car team members designed, built, and raced a solar car at the Formula Sun Grand Prix.

Essay A – Written Essay (Required) Please tell us why Michigan State University’s MBA program should admit you in words or less. Essay B – Video Essay (Required) Please click here to access the video essay and instructions on how to complete it.

International Essay Contest OISS Essay Contest Winners · OISS Essay Contest Winners · OISS MSU Study Abroad Essay Contest heartoftexashop.com Day Essay Contest — The American Society of Human This contest is open to students in grades worldwide and asks students to examine, question, and reflect on important concepts in genetics.

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