Mood in stephanie meyers breaking dawn

Today, we touch on a dark topic, one that has evoked the strongest of feelings for the last handful of years. For some, they are feelings of love, frenzied adoration, and longing; for others, passionate hatred and disgust. And for still others, they are feelings of pain in the lungs and abdomen after laughing too hard.

Mood in stephanie meyers breaking dawn

On Second Thought, Perhaps Stephenie Meyer Doesn't Get Online Fans from the so-much-for-that dept It really was just a month ago that we were writing about how super successful fiction author Stephenie Meyer was showing exactly how to embrace online fansgiving them free reign to build on her works and do more with them to build up her own popularity.

As I was writing that post, I have to admit, in the back of my head, I wondered if I would later be writing a post about an anti-fan decision -- but even I'm surprised at how quickly it happened.

Apparently, a draft of the fifth book in her Twilight Series was leaked online, and Meyer is so upset b the ordeal that she's saying the book is on hold and may never be finished.

Mood in stephanie meyers breaking dawn

Instead, she's telling people to consider the fourth book to be the end of the series. As a writer, you can certainly understand the sentiment. She wants the final release to be as good as it can be, and that means getting the chance to do full rewrites, edits and other things to make sure that it's as good as can be.

But, at the same time, she also has to understand that her fans are going to clamor for such a leak anyway. It shows how much they love her work and how badly they want to keep up on the latest story that they're willing to either leak or download the leak.

It's just a sign of how strong their feeling is towards her work -- and her response is to punish them for it? Her true fans will still buy the completed work, should it ever come out. They want the official version and the leaked version.

Why do you think so many music fans rush to get "leaked" copies of demo tapes of bands they love? People like to see how these things evolve and change over time, as it gives them an even closer connection to the work itself.

December 19, 2011

I can sympathize that Meyers is upset by this, and that she might be concerned about the impact on the final story, but she might want to rethink her initial reaction, and realize that this is hardly something to be upset about.

It's a sign of how much people care about her work.The Horror of Dracula: Twilight and the 21st-Century Vampire Megen J. de Bruin-Molé Bachelor’s Thesis English Language and Culture Rudolph Glitz June 30th, Molé 2 Table of Contents I. Gothic Horror, Transgression, and the Vampire 3 II.

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Breaking Dawn, the fourth book, came out in August in hardcover condition. We are still waiting for copies in paperback. Breaking Dawn, the movie, is going to release in November 18th Present-day Forks, Washington, and Phoenix, Arizona; As far as time period is concerned, all of Twilight goes down in modern-time (technically around , since that's when Meyer originally published it).

The location of the action jumps around a bit, though. Aug 31,  · Stephanie meyer- her fans didnt put the copy up, someone she trusted put it up. why should we suffer? We really should just give her her space and let her right when she is back in the right mood. And when she allows her characters to start speaking to her again and letting them tell her their story once Resolved.

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