Mairs on being a cripple essay

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Mairs on being a cripple essay

It is very interesting to find out how such person lives from the person herself. It is true that this word hurts more — brings you more awareness of who a person in front of you is. This is not a pretty word for sure. If you call a person disabled or handicapped it is more polite, but not as precise.

The society is not ready for this word and does not want a calamity over it. The world wants to shut their eyes and ears and pretend the problem does not exist. She was not a cripple from birth, and she remembers very well how it is to be able to use your feet and arms to the full of their ability.

It is probably harder for people like this to accept their condition than for those who were crippled from birth. Nancy was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of From that time on she received each day as a gift from life.

In this paragraph Nancy describes some of the multiple loses that people with her diagnosis may suffer, and how it is very important not to lose a sense of humor in this situation.

Nancy has sustained some of the loses as well, but nevertheless she keeps on enjoying life, even though it seems hard for the person in such condition. It seems like she is full of enthusiasm and optimism.

The author talks about how her life is not a bed of roses, her disability and constant fatigues prevent her from enjoying life as normal people. The reader realizes that it is actually hard to live like this every day.

Nancy enjoys her studies and she does not complain she would rather do something else. She sees an advantage in getting the disease not at very young age.

Nancy talks about other things she is doing in life, how she has raised children, even a foster child, and how she does a lot of usual house jobs. It makes us admire the fact that she did not turn into a miserable person pitying herself, but she tries to take everything possible from life. Of course, there are things that she would never be able to do, like running or going camping.

Mairs on being a cripple essay

As we see, there are two sides to every story. She finds funny moments in not so funny situations, when she fell down next to the car, for example. Life is never completely black, or completely white — you have to remember that.

Nancy says she is lucky to have people around who understand her disability and make life easier for her. Probably not everyone has that, unfortunately. It is the hardest for the family of a crippled person to be with her, and not many husbands agree to spend their lives with handicapped wives.

Mairs on being a cripple essay

It is even harder for children who cannot pick a parent. The thought strikes though that people are as kind to Nancy as they are, only because she is a cripple, not just because they love her and care for her. This thought is always at the back of her mind.In the essay, “On Being a Cripple, Mairs writes for readers, disabled or not, about what it’s like to be crippled.

She describes it in a sarcastic tone with seriousness and repetition with some very interesting word choice. Mairs suffers from being cripple. On Being Cripple is an essay written by Nancy Mairs, who has been afflicted with the multiple sclerosis. In her essay, she shamelessly describes herself as a "cripple" and prefers to use that word over "handicapped" or "disabled".

In this superbly written essay, Nancy Mairs, a feminist writer who has multiple sclerosis, defines the terms in which she will interact with the world. She will name herself--a cripple--and not be named by others. She will choose a word that represents her reality, and if it makes people "wince.

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In this essay, Mairs. shows that an individual has choices in life, no matter what the situation.. Her methods include description, tone, and the first person perspective.. Throughout the whole piece, she never seems angry or bitter at her situation at.

"On Being a Cripple", by Nancy Mairs Essays

Essays /5(9). As Mairs brings up, women in advertising generally fall into a basic mold, with several exceptions such as women selling laxative or laundry detergent, “but she is never a .

"On Being a Cripple" by Nancy Mairs is an essay about the experience of being crippled. Mairs begins the autobiographical work by owning the word "cripple" and identifying herself as such. The remainder of the essay details the diagnosis and lifelong effects of her multiple sclerosis.

"On Being a.

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