Human rights persuasive essay

Persuasive essay human rights Human rights The human rights are one of the main concepts which are created to protect every single human being not independently from the race, nationality or other differences. It is also related to many other articles such as article 3 which states that "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Human rights persuasive essay

Human rights In life, it is extremely important for people to have rights and freedom in order to ensure a just and fair society. A person without rights is a slave; no one should be a slave.

There are three important points to remember about human rights: Everyone should be allowed to express their ideas freely. Everyone wants freedom in some way, shape or form. Giving people freedom of speech would allow people to express how they feel about certain things and could eventually lead to more freedom for them.

A free society is a happy and strong society. Giving people freedom of speech is the first step to creating a free society.

Not only would freedom of speech help create a free society, but it is a just and fair action. It is unfair for someone not to be able to say what they want when they want. So then, would it not stand to reason that giving someone freedom of speech would be a just and fair action?

Lastly, not giving freedom of speech to someone would be unfair and unjust. Someone who lives a life with no freedom of speech is someone who is enslaved.

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That person is living by a code obviously not created by him and is probably being forced to follow it against his will.

Everyone should be given freedom of speech. Government should be governed by the people and for the people. Government should be governed by the people so that the people get to determine and form their own laws without a dictator or a monarch. People should be able to come together as one and govern themselves.

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The alternative would be a dictator or a monarch ruling over everyone and potentially taking away their rights such as freedom of speech. Government should be governed for the people so that the needs of the people are always a priority.

There is actually a big difference from a government governed by the people and government governed for the people. An individual that is in a government governed by the people might only act according to his own self-interest. An individual in a government governed for the people should act not only to his own self-interests but to others as well.

That is why it is important to have a government governed for and by the people. Most importantly, governments should always support freedom of speech for the people.

A government that supports freedom of speech is probably a government that supports freedom for the people. Both freedom of speech and freedom in general are necessary in a fair and just government.

As one can see, governments should be governed by the people and for the people. Although people should be free, they should not be free from everything. People must always be bound by rules to ensure peace. If people do not follow certain rules, then people will not be bound together as one but instead be a scattered group of individuals hoping to survive.

Human rights persuasive essay

Why do I say this? Well, since everyone disagrees about something with someone, people could break apart from each other when they disagree. This could happen over and over again until everyone supports only themselves. Eventually, a powerful group of people could always come along and force the individuals to join them and possibly take away their freedom.

A way to bind people together under rules and laws is to enforce penalties. There should always be some sort of penalty when someone purposefully does something the breaks the rules or laws that were developed.Animal Rights Essay Outline.

Introduction. Thesis: People should consider giving animals the same rights as human beings because they deserve it. Body. Paragraph 1: Animals should be granted the same rights as humans first because just like humans, they have the capacity to suffer. Dec 10,  · Human rights are rights based on the principle of respect to all human beings, without discrimination on the basis of nationality, race, sex, or ethnic .

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Of late, the question of human rights has received a great deal of attention.

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Today, violation of human rights is seriously taken note of by international bodies and by champions of democracy. It is in this backdrop that most countries have set up their own independent National Human Rights Commissions.

Human Rights Essay Many people and nations around the world are deprived of human rights. The government in the countries or nations usually can . 20 Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics On Human Right.

Human rights persuasive essay

When you write an essay of any kind, you need to take your research very serious if you want to obtain high marks. An argumentative essay gives you the chance to express your preferences and to convince other people to believe in an idea that you support.

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