How to write a letter to rev father obimma

Sam Ogbu-Nwobodo, who spoke at a briefing to announce the ceremony said. The said allowances, they said, have not been paid since June Ahmadu-Kida Musa said that the Egina field development project generated 24 direct million man-hours or 77 per cent of total project workload during the construction phase.

How to write a letter to rev father obimma

By we, I mean those of us who are products of the Nigerian public primary school system of years past.

The question that lurked in the corner of our minds then was: How did it get so bad for Johnbull? Maybe he lost his writing slate. The name seems rather long for anyone to spell anyway.

To our innocent young minds then, it was as outrageous and scandalous as could be. Having left primary school more than two decades ago, I now deal with products of the same system on a daily basis as a lecturer. I have since solved the riddle of what went wrong with Johnbull.

This is no mean feat I have achieved and the secret is this: I met Johnbull in person. I have been surrounded by him and his female twin for some years now!

The single most important thing a child is supposed to exit the gates of a primary school with is basic literacy. In the Nigerian context, at least until the triumph of our nationalist brothers who believe we should be training our engineers with the Yoruba or the Ijaw tongue, literacy would mean the ability to read, write and speak the English language fluently enough to be able to cope in later years and in the higher classes in which the language of instruction is English.

Our entire education sector has known quite a bit of collapse in the past decades. By making such a generalization, we miss a much more serious and fundamental dimension of the problem.

At the core of the general fall in the standard of education is the problem of the complete ruin, the damage, the assault and subsequent battery done to the very concept of literacy as doled out by our school system.

A moral and social spoilage — apparently brought on by unprecedented advancements in western prosperity and technology and the globalization of everything from our drinks to our bank accounts — afflicts this present generation of youth the world over.

The same problem exists in the U. The problem at hand in Nigeria is much more serious. Johnbull cannot be said to have had a substandard education. He is simply an illiterate! The inevitable question then is: Is something wrong with the school or with Johnbull?

Those who should know better tell us that as long as a child is not mentally retarded, every child is a language genius, able to learn and master several languages at the same time.

Nigerian public primary school graduates today are either suffering from some kind of mass mental retardation never seen before in history or the school system is failing badly. It is to me the most serious infrastructural problem we are facing.

The classroom is no ordinary place.Father, I place into your hands The way that I should go, For I know I always can trust you.

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Father, I place into your hands My friends and family. Father, I place into your hands The things that trouble me. Father, I place into your hands The person I would be, For I know I always can trust you.

Father, we love to see your face, We love to. This letter is strictly for men, not boys or players. First concerning how you treat ladies.

how to write a letter to rev father obimma

you’re going to be a father someday. Don’t do the things you wouldn’t be proud of China Daily, Rev Fr Emmanuel Obimma - Ebube Muonso, STRICTLY FOR BATCH BRAVO OF ISMS LOKOJA, Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria - Seafarers. My Father's Blessing - My Salvation, Ivan Singer, Paul Bondin REV.

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Brazil: Sao Bernardo Do Campo. This write up is shear sentiment and not a solution dear Rev. Fr. Let God judge and dedicate your life as an example of the gospel of Jesus Christ the gospel of power in the holy ghost and reconciling all men to God through Christ Jesus that came to give us life more abundantly.

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