Further education research papers

Further Education, Professional and Occupational Pedagogy: Knowledge and experiences The further education and skills sector in England has been viewed as a backwater of educational research compared to the other sectors. This comparative lack of research and related publications may be due in part to the huge diversity

Further education research papers

Share via Email Leaders need to be given support to spend time away from their day job to creatively explore leadership thinking. Alamy Further education in the UK is something to be proud of.

For many learners, it is where they turn when they have been let down by other parts of the education system and acts as a vital route into employment.

Further education research papers

And yet, compared to universities and schools, the sector is heavily under-researched and frequently misunderstood. Perhaps because of this, it is also under siege.

Whereas universities and schools have been largely protected from the full force of government cuts, further education has been hit hard.

This is partly the fault of the sector, which at times has been too willing to accept the constraints of government funding rules and failed to speak out against changes.

So many education news stories are based on research findings. Think about how much the OECD league tables dominate the headlines, for example. By being less visible in the media, and therefore playing a smaller role in public debate, it is much easier for the government to make changes like the Earlier this year the Further Education Trust for Leadership was launched to help change this.

Its aim is to work with people in the sector to develop knowledge on further education leadership. Leaders are implored to think differently and search for solutions beyond their immediate environment. They believe leaders need to think inside the box to provide a truly effective response to difficult times.

They struggle to find the space to properly consider how their organisation interacts with others locally, how it can adapt to industry changes and how it might develop. The sector has more than enough talent to confront the challenges it faces, but people need to be given the time to use it.

Another issue is that best practice is too rarely shared between organisations. A few years ago Nissan UK won the bid to develop its Leaf electric car at its Sunderland plant and worked with Gateshead College to train hundreds of staff in the area, because there were no existing qualifications or industry standards.

This required a high level of collaborative leadership, as well as an innovative approach to funding. But how many people know the Nissan story? And how many colleges discussed whether they could emulate the scheme? What they do need is space and time to develop their thinking on different issues, and on the nature of leadership itself.

If we are to successfully respond to obstacles and opportunities, we need to create reflection time for those leading our institutions.

Further education research papers

At the trust we want to support leaders in investigating the role further education plays in the economy and our society. And we include independent training providers, community learning centres, employers, unions and all types of colleges within this.

Unless we have a better insight into the nature of our business, it will continue to be much harder to have a strong media presence and to make our case to policy makers.

In the next few days the trust will announce its first round of fellowships. They will give leaders the opportunity to spend time away from their day job to explore leadership thinking, supported by a senior academic from the Institute of Education.

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What you do with the findings, i.e. the implications, are just as important.

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