Essays about immigrating to america

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Essays about immigrating to america

Sydney Jones Overview The earliest immigrants from the Eastern Mediterranean were generally lumped together under the common rubric of Syrian-Lebanese, and it is consequently difficult to separate the number of ethnic Lebanese immigrants from ethnic Syrian immigrants.

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Neither of these countries came into being as nation-states until the mid-twentieth century; thus records and statistics for both groups are generally combined for early immigration patterns.

Such difficulties with early immigration records are further exacerbated because of religious affiliation, both Muslim as well as myriad Christian denominations, which cut across national and ethnic lines in the region.

Early Lebanese settlers in America came mostly from Beirut, Mount Hermon, and surrounding regions of present-day Lebanon, a nation located at the extreme eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea.

Syria forms Lebanon's northern and eastern borders. Israel lies directly south Essays about immigrating to america Lebanon, with the Mediterranean Sea to the west. Lebanon's land mass is 4, square miles 10, square kilometersand its population is estimated at between 3 and 3.

The capital, Beirut, was often referred to as the "Paris of the Middle East. Lebanon is named for the major mountain range that runs north to south through the middle of the country. The Cedars of Lebanon, famous since Biblical times, are now protected in a few mountain groves.

Arabic is the official language of the country, and is even spoken by the minority population of Lebanese Jews. French and English are also widely spoken.

The population of the country is made up of ethnic groups from every Middle Eastern country, which is reflective of Lebanon's long history.

In Lebanon, there is no religious majority. Both Muslims and Christians have many sectarian subdivisions, 17 in all. Among the Muslim population, the Shi'a are the most numerous with about 35 percent, the Sunni number around 23 percent, and the Druze comprise 6 percent.

Christians, who account for under two-fifths of the total Lebanese population, include the Maronites the most numerous and the most powerful at 22 percent, the Eastern Orthodox at 10 percent; Melkites Greek Catholics and Armenians, each at 6 percent, and Protestants at 2.

Through Lebanon's unwritten National Pact ofpolitical power was apportioned between Christians and Muslims. Originally, the ratio was six to five, Christian to Muslim. Sincepower has been shared equally by both groups. Various government offices are still reserved for specific sects: Throughout its history, there have been movements within Lebanon to "deconfessionalize"—to create a one-person, one-vote system instead of apportioning representation and political offices by religious affiliation.

These efforts are ongoing at the end of the twentieth century. At the time of the first immigration wave to the West, Lebanon was not yet a sovereign nation; Because the Ottomans administered their subject peoples according to their religious affiliation, early immigrants from Greater Syria identified with their religious sect rather than any nationality.

A sense of national identity did not begin to form among the Greater Syrians until the s, when Lebanon became a separate French protectorate.

This identity strengthened in the s, when Lebanon gained independence. As a witness to the rise and fall of the Mesopotamian, Hittite, Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, and Greek empires, Lebanon has a distinct history. In the second and early first millennium B.

Famous as sailors and traders, the Phoenicians lived along the Lebanese coast in the port cities of Tyre, Sidon, and Biblos. They also founded colonies in North Africa, Europe, and the Mediterranean. A succession of peoples, including Persians, Greeks, and Romans, challenged Phoenician power.

With the rise of Islam in the East, the population adopted Arabic culture but also maintained its multi-religious character as the mountains of Lebanon became a haven for various religious sects.

After the Ottoman Empire gained general control of the area inLebanon continued to maintain a feudal system of rule by local chieftains. Afterthe year many Christians were massacred by the Druze in Lebanon and Damascus, the French, who had economic and strategic interests in Lebanon since the Crusades, created a protectorate.

During the next 50 years, the people of Lebanon became increasingly interested in Western culture, independence from the Ottomans, and a revival of the Arabic language.

England assumed control of what became Palestine and Jordan, and France took over what became Syria and Lebanon. After gaining independence from the French inLebanon became known as the "Switzerland of the Middle East. The political inequities that had existed within Lebanon for decades were exacerbated by severe economic divisions, the resistance of those in power to addressing the needs of the poor, and the weakness of the public sector.

Essays about immigrating to america

For 16 years, Lebanon was torn apart by fighting between Christians and Muslims. Although a tentative peace agreement in ended the war, many problems remain. Several thousand Syrian troops, who entered Lebanon during the civil war, remain in the country.

Relations with Israel have long been contentious and border skirmishes are fought periodically between the two nations. Israel also occupies areas of southern Lebanon.

Meanwhile, Lebanon is striving to reconstruct itself physically, economically, and politically. Christian Lebanese were the first Arabic-speaking people to come to the Americas in large numbers.In fact, there would be no America if not for immigration because everyone in the country is an immi.

Immigration is what has made America what it is today.


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My Journey to Success. words. 1 page. Receiving New Life Opportunities After a Single Phone Call. words. THE FIRST LEBANESE IN AMERICA Immigrants from the region of the former Greater Syria account for close to two-thirds of the estimated million people in the United States who are of Arabic descent.

American Immigration essaysEvery year, hundreds of thousands of immigrants, legal and illegal, from around the world, come into the United States.

Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly! Topics in Paper. The Best Place; Immigration; Immigration has been affecting America's population for over two hundred years. Whatever the reason may be, from the beginnings of Poles immigrating to America, once arriving in the states, they created for themselves a Polish ethnic community, otherwise known as Polonia.

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