Does technology impact student achievement dissertations

The Effect of Videogames on Student Achievement By Jonathan Craton Introduction In the past few decades, interactive electronic media has grown from virtual non-existence to one of the primary means of entertainment for college students.

Does technology impact student achievement dissertations

Although INTECH training and certification is acknowledged by the Louisiana Department of Education as the standard for technology-trained teachers, no research has been conducted to determine its impact on student achievement Picard, The study's purposes were to examine perceptions of school leaders about Louisiana INTECH professional development as a change agent in schools and to determine the impact of this training on third grade mathematics and reading achievement.

Does technology impact student achievement dissertations

This study addressed the questions: Does this professional development impact student achievement in mathematics and reading? This quantitative study was an ex-post facto, causal-comparative design. Seventy-three elementary administrators were asked to respond to an item Likert-type survey measuring openness to change prompted by the Louisiana INTECH professional development model.

Results from the survey were reported as descriptive statistics.

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Additionally, the study attempted to determine if there was a significant difference in third grade student mathematics and reading achievement in the INTECH certified teachers and non-INTECH certified teachers' classes.

The ITBS mathematics and reading standard scores were used for comparison. Nonrandom convenience sampling was used to identify the students of INTECH certified teachers and the students of non-INTECH certified teachers with similar years of experience, education level, and school demographics.

The dependent variable was student performance on the ITBS. Distributions of student pretest scores were examined to compare mean achievement. In a time when instructional strategies, tools and resources must be aligned to meet state and local accountability expectations, this state-sponsored technology integration professional development model must be examined.

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Does technology impact student achievement dissertations

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(Mylott, ) How does technology impact design decisions in creating effective instruction for adult Student academic achievement in developmental and college-level course work before and after developmental education instructional changes at a.

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Johnston, Jason L., Impact of Professional Development Expenditures on Student Achievement in Texas Public Schools, advisor: Dr.

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Maria Hinojosa. 1) Investigating the impact and relationship between social Media and performance of student.

2) Resolve the misunderstandings and confusions of people about use of social media. 3) Identify the problems of individuals in using social media. It has been accepted for inclusion in Master's Theses and Doctoral Dissertations by an authorized administrator of Koeze, Patricia A., "Differentiated instruction: The effect on student achievement in an elementary school" ().Master's Theses and Doctoral differentiated instruction have an impact on student achievement?” and “Are.

Many still search tirelessly for whether or not technology positively impacts student achievement. But is this the right question? Technology and Student Achievement: The Right Question to Ask. December 9, The fact is that technology DOES have an impact on student achievement, but documented effects tend to be modest at best.

Mentzer, Nathan, "Academic Performance as a Predictor of Student Growth in Achievement and Mental Motivation During an Engineering Design Challenge in Engineering and Technology Education" ().

“readiness for school, school completion, student achievement and citizenship, teacher education and development, mathematics and science, adult literacy and lifelong learning, the school environment (safe. Teachers’ Perceptions Of Student Achievement And Engagement In The Transition To High Laura, "Teachers’ Perceptions Of Student Achievement And Engagement In The Transition To High School" ().All Theses And real-world connections, 4) impact of teacher behavior on student success, and 5) support for students’ social-emotional. research supports the notion that technology in the classroom has an influence on student learning, research also points to the teacher as an important lynch pin in technology integration in the curriculum (Mandell, Sorge, & Russell, ).

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