Comparing and contrasting martin luther and nicollo machiavelli

It has been posited that for Machiavelli, politics is an unpredictable arena in which ambition, deception and violence render the idea of the common good meaningless, while Locke would argue that political or civil society exists only to preserve the rights of the individual. It can be argued that for both Machiavelli and Lock, political activity, then, becomes merely a means of satisfying selfish ends.

Comparing and contrasting martin luther and nicollo machiavelli

Furthermore, the "Middle Ages" can be subdivided into early, middle and late periods. There are certain major charcteristics which are important to note for the Middle Ages. First of all, feudalism was the prevailing political system throughout most of this period.

But by the fourteenth century the growth of monarchies had begun to displace the feudal system.

Comparing and contrasting martin luther and nicollo machiavelli

This was also a span of time in which the fortunes of the church- -there was only one single, Christian church in Western Europe--reached their peak in the West, as the church dominated almost every aspect of everyday life.

By the fifteenth century, that church control had begun to wane. If one questions why the prevalence of so much violence in the Middle Ages, then one answer is that the knight's duty, according to the three-class theory of society, was to fight, and so he fought.

During the early part of the Middle Ages, kings were too weak to keep invaders out of their kingdoms.

People began to leave towns and cities, banding together in the countryside for protection and survival. Everyone had a well-defined place in medieval society.

People were born into their social positions, and there was little chance of moving beyond them. Accordingly, the nobility consisted of the kings and queens, greater lords, lesser lords, and knights.

The elite class of nobles controlled the land and power. The clergy, the body of all all people ordained for religious duties in Catholic church was highly respected, due to the fact that the Christian Church dominated life during the Middle Ages.


The lower class of peasants and serfs, who made up the bulk of the population, worked the land and served the nobles.

Before we begin, we should note that the men and women of the middle ages never talked about feudalism. Feudalism is a term invented in the sixteenth century by royal lawyers - primarily in England - to describe the decentralized and complex social, political, and economic society out of which the modern state was emerging.

In a broader sense, the term denotes "feudal society," a form of civilization that flourishes especially in a closed agricultural economy and has certain general characteristics besides the mere presence of lords, vassals, and fiefs see the explanations below.

In such a society, those who fulfill official duties, do so, not for the sake of an abstract notion of "the state" or of public service but because of their personal and freely accepted links with their overlord, receiving remuneration in the form of fiefs, which they hold hereditarily.

Because various public functions are closely associated with the fief and the public authority becomes fragmented and decentralized. Another aspect of feudalism is the manorial or seigniorial system in which landlords exercise over the un-free peasantry a wide variety of police, judicial, fiscal, and other rights.

Feudalism was also a loosely structure political system in which powerful lords nobles owned large sections of land. They divided their land into estates called fiefs, which were given to lesser lords called vassals.

Vassals pledged their loyalty and military support to their lords in return for this land. It feudalism is also a social system of rights and duties based on land tenure and personal relationships in which land is held in fief by vassals from lords to whom they owe specific services and with whom they are bound by personal loyalty.

The fief constituted the central institution of feudal society. It normally consisted of land to which a number of un-free peasants were attached; the land was supposed to be sufficient to support the vassal and to secure his knight service for the lord.

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One can often define an age, era, epoch, or period by comparing and contrasting it to another. Machiavellism One memorable humanist historian and forerunner of modern political thought was Nicollo MACHIAVELLI (). acted in the way Machiavelli predicted they would 2- REFORMATION Reformations is has its roots in the work of.

Oct 10,  · Since Niccolo Machiavelli was a political theorist, more or less, dabbling in religion of his day: I would start my research on the commonality they held. For researching the writings of Machiavelli on religion, go to his Discourses numbered XI and XII.

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