Caleb ryder dissertation

Carlos Alvarez Abstract This dissertation is an exploratory quantitative analysis of various independent variables to determine their effect on the professional longevity years of service of high school science teachers in the state of Florida for the academic years — to — The following research hypotheses are examined: H1 — There are statistically significant differences in Level 1 teacher variables that influence the professional longevity of a high school science teacher in Florida. H2 — There are statistically significant differences in Level 2 school variables that influence the professional longevity of a high school science teacher in Florida.

Caleb ryder dissertation

Caleb ryder dissertation

Summer Five students are doing placements in the Rehse lab during the Summer term. Investigation of laser-induced fluorescence in singly-ionized zinc in a rarified argon environment. Emission enhancement in dual-pulse and resonance-enhanced laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy.

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy as a rapid diagnostic tool for bacterial detection and discrimination. Spectroscopic techniques in determining the elemental composition of fish otoliths.

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for rapid bacterial classification. Fall Six students are currently working in the Rehse lab for the academic year. Summer Congratulations to Beau Greaves Congratulations to the latest graduate of the Rehse group.

Beau performed his undergraduate thesis work in the Rehse Lab, and his thesis entitled, " Optical Emission Enhancement of a Laser Induced Plasma with a Tuneable Optical Parametric Oscillator Pulsed Laser ," can be obtained by clicking on the linked title.


Beau is off to the University of Guelph to continue his physics studies. We wish Beau all the best in the future and thank him for the great time he put in working in the Rehse Lab. Summer Congratulations to Dylan Malenfant, our newest M. Congratulations to the latest graduate of the Rehse Group, Mr.

Shown above is Dylan with Dr. Rehse after the Fall Convocation. Four students are working in the Rehse Laboratory during the summer of Beau Greaves is a fourth-year thesis student medical physics.

All four are shown in the specimen preparation laboratory.

Caleb ryder dissertation

Congratulations to Graduates Numerous students who have passed through the Rehse lab in recent years celebrated graduation at the Spring Convocations. Counter-clockwise, from the right: Siddharth is a 4th Year Biotechnology student who is working on a week project to better understand the inorganic composition of bacterial cells, as determined in our biomedical LIBS measurements.

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by CALEB A. RYDER DISSERTATION Submitted to the Graduate School of Wayne State University, Detroit, .

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