An introduction to the issue of women being beaten by men

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An introduction to the issue of women being beaten by men

Indeed, the wall of silence and taboo still surrounding violence against women and the sheer scale of this most widespread of human rights issues often become an obstacle that prevents ordinary people, as well as celebrities, from getting actively involved with the cause.

The 16 celebrities who have made our list have overcome that obstacle with gusto, and have shown dedication, commitment and energy in the campaign to end violence against women, for good. All 16 celebrities have used their fame, influence and fund raising capacity in a positive way- and our blog post today goes some way to show our thanks for their efforts.

We have selected celebrities from the industries that have traditionally spawned celebrity culture including film, music and television because they are amongst the most visible influencers due to the ubiquity and power of popular culture.

Indeed, these celebrities have used their popularity and high profile to shine a much-needed spotlight on the cause. We have noticed hesitation from many male celebrities in getting on board the cause to speak out against violence against women and hope that the six men in this blog post will inspire other men, be they celebrities or regular guys, to join the cause.

Buy some pixels today and you will be able to find out who it is once the entire collage is revealed. And now, without further ado — here is our first ever list of 16 celebrities in alphabetical order!

In April Annie signed a letter to UK government officials urging them to make a pledge an end global violence against women and make it a foreign policy priority. Inshe presented a series of investigative reports of widespread violence against women in Africa, she commented: It affects one in three women worldwide.

It leaves women mentally scarred for life, and it is usually inflicted by a family member. Stop Rape Now is a joint effort by a network of UN agencies known as UN Action Against Sexual Violence in Conflict to prevent the use of rape as a tactic of war and respond effectively to the needs of survivors.

As part of her ambassadorial work, Charlize visited the Democratic Republic of Congo -where an epidemic of sexual violence has left a generation of women physically and emotionally scarred by the brutality of war. What I have found and what I believe is that you begin somewhere, anywhere, but you must begin.

As you read this, consider your humanity. Consider for one moment if you or your sister, your mother or your daughter lived in such a dire situation—then act. Daniel Craig produced this short film for free. With the help of a passionate journalist Daniel Craigshe seeks justice.

David Schwimmer David is a committed and life-long campaigner for victims of rape. He has spoken candidly about people close to him who are survivors of rape and incest: This film follows the story of a 14 year old girl who is groomed on the internet by a paedophile and then raped.

An introduction to the issue of women being beaten by men

It expresses the deep seated horror and rage her father feels at the violation of his child, and him not being able to protect her.

David speaks candidly about his disillusionment at a society which advocates the sexualisation of young women through popular culture and advertisement, but then fails to protect them from predators and paedophiles. Men have an important role to play in sending out the message that real men do not hurt or abuse their partners.

He uses social media to connect with and positively influence his young fans. Rather than anger and retribution, this song shows her the inner strength that years of abuse gave her to succeed in life. A single mother herself, Jamelia knows the pain of picking up the pieces of absent fathers, and abusive partners.

Monique Coleman Best known for her starring role in High School Musical, Monique is a committed philanthropist and active campaigner for an end to violence against women.

A UN Youth Champion, Monique took 16 days of activism by storm by entering the twittersphere and tweeting about ending violence against women in the lead up to Nov 25th — Elimination of Violence Against Women Day.

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A powerful role model to young women, Monique is a great asset to the global campaign to end violence against women. Why not follow her on twitter? But it is not inevitable. A film based on a book by Alice Walker, which follows the story of a young girl who is raped and beaten by first of all her step father, and then her husband.

After leaving the band he became heavily involved in social activism with Amnesty International.IRL Violenc e Motivated by T E RF Ideology. Sandy Stone, victim of attempted murder by TERF group. Sandy Stone recounts the time when Olivia Records (a lesbian separatist, radical feminist women’s music collective) came under attack for being trans inclusive: “We were getting hate mail about me.

The death threats were directed at me, but . World Health Organization (WHO), London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and South African Medical Research Council, Global and regional estimates of violence against women: prevalence and health effects of intimate partner violence and non-partner sexual violence and Executive summary, WHO, Geneva, , accessed 29 .


In the workplace, more women (%) report being discriminated against than men (%). This is despite workers benefiting from the introduction of EU legislation addressing gender discrimination [31].

An introduction to the issue of women being beaten by men

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