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While she stands on the threshold of being elected to the White House, she quite literally belongs in a prison cell. This article lays out the case against her, chapter and verse.

1000 words mag twitter

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Idaho Nowhere near a McDonald's I'm beginning to believe the common use of underpowered ammo is the cause of what might be called "underengineering" of the gun, with most people possibly using factory ammo I seriously wonder what the factory ammo speeds are for grain bullets.

I wouldn't doubt that most ammo runs to no more than fps. Or, as in the case of the Prvi, way less. But then, I don't hear to many problems with Double Tap and other higher speed ammos Might be a very small amount of difference that causes the change in reliability.

1000 words mag twitter

I'm remembering here the requirement to tune my old Browning A5 friction rings to the ammo, with some ammo requiring setting it "shouldn't" have. And again, I think bullet stack in the mag makes a difference, too. High speed heavy bullets will add grains or so to the bullet stack total weight.

Maybe all these little factors add up? I just ordered 6 and also a 20 lb recoil spring for the heck of it. The stock spring feels sloppy to me, like a Stemple subgun bolt return spring I'll play around with this thing till it works Seriously, I think I am almost there.The essential tech news of the moment.

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A devastating exposé of the most unfit and undeserving individual ever to seek the American presidency. The third annual BC Epic grand depart took off Saturday morning from Merritt, British Columbia. Here's a recap and photos of over 60 riders and rigs. Twitter, Inc.

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The magazine will also contain profiles on curators and collectors, opinion pieces on the art of photobook publishing as well as reflections on a decade. Jan 10,  · I have shot a Win Mag in a T/C Encore and get gets meat a both ends with grain which is the lightest bullet I would use Now I have a H & H in a pre 64 Winchester and shooting and grain bullets have not been a recoil problem I would think the Win Mag in the right weight rifle would be the same.

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